Spectrum Two Rainbow Fixture

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Category: Landscaping, In-Ground & Wall Washer Fixtures
Spectrum Two Rainbow Fixture

The Spectrum Two LED linear wall washer is designed to provide a single color or RGB color changing options, offering amazing lighting options for domestic and commercial applications. LED wall washers are perfect for feature lighting, providing an amazing color wash or grazing effect to the outside of buildings and the spectacular effects to night clubs, bars, and at events and parties. Signage and landscape features are lit beautifully by wall washers and they are perfect in gardens, parks, or urban street themes. A premium Driver is provided with built-in DMX decoding that will provide thousands of different shades of colors. With a simple male and female connection, this fixture creates full home/business lighting automation as well as magnificent rainbow color lighting shows. Whatever effect you are looking for, the possibilities are endless with our LED wall washer range.

Product Specification:

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