Neutron Low Glare Linear Pendant Fixture


This third Generation version of the T10 has been engineered to provide a glare reduction solution, without sacrificing lumen output. The elegant shaped housing was specially designed to be used in high bay or low bay applications where aesthetics and performance is desired. The patented optic system features a honeycomb reflector baffle specifically designed to reduce the amount of glare while providing a homogeneous lighting affect. Both versions can be used in all areas where an IP grade up to IP65 is needed. The new generation of 1w EMC3030 LED chips provide an immense light output, a very stable and long lifespan, and maximum efficiency. This new design comes equipped with the choice of a Meanwell Or Tomcarline high performance driver that produces up to 130 LM/W efficiency. With its specialized heat management system, these fixtures will provide flawless operation for 10 years or 50,000 hours.

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