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Satisfied Customers

Here at Bassett Furniture we would like to thank EcoLite for helping us transition over to an all LED store. John made sure we had the correct color for our needs and helped us save over 26% on our bill in just the first month! We would highly recommend giving them a call if an LED conversion is something you are thinking about!

Clint C.

When we decided to expand our campus an additional 30 acres heading into 2018, our first project was to upgrade all of the lighting to new LED lighting in our main entrance and throughout our performance facility. After meeting with John and doing our research, we decided to go with Eco-Lite to address our lighting concerns. Their LED’s immediately gave our facility the look we wanted and the warranty they offered only made it clear that we made the right decision. We would highly recommend!

Mack Chuilli - CEO/Traction Sportsplex

With the wide selection of lighting solutions, EcoLite’s senior staff examined our needs and worked with our designers to provide the best fixtures and even customized fixtures to fit the functions we needed. The EcoLite warranty unmatched by other manufacturers, so our clients know they are getting quality products.

Kamlesh Shah RA. AIA - Kamlesh Shah Designs, Inc

We have been using Ecolite products for several years for various projects. We have had zero failures in the same time period, because of the superb quality and easy to install fictures. EcoLite has a excellent 24/7 on call support system, and they have always guided our design & installation team to success.

S. MITRA, President Pelican Global Inc

I would like to give a huge shout out to Mr. John Kelly and Mr. Bryce Moreland from Ecolite LED. They did a great job on installing a lighting change-out package at The Country Club of Louisiana. The lighting here has never been better. I whole-heartedly recommend Ecolite LED for all your LED lighting needs.

Vincent Baker, Country Club of Louisiana