Alfa Series Area Light

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Alfa Series Area Light

The Alfa Area Light has a simple, modern design that blends into any urban environment, while

optimizing light distribution, efficiency, and reliability. Alfa luminaires are available with multiple

smart lighting control options that include Photocell, Motion Sensor, DALI, LORA, PLC, D4i,

and 1-10V dimming. Patented glass optics will not yellow nor degrade, and give uniform light

distribution to any application, while providing full cut off. The two-piece aluminum housing has

a single point keyless access, which makes installation and maintenance simple. The unique

adjustable slip fitter allows the fixture to be easily installed and positioned at the perfect angle.

These fixtures will provide maintenance free operation of more than 10 years or 100,000 hours.Eco_Aurora Area Light_03_24_2022

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