Insurance Backed Guaranteed Savings

EcoLite’s Insured Guaranteed Savings guarantees both the energy and maintenance cost savings projected from LED lighting, insured by a global underwriter.


Guarantee Your Cash Flow.
EcoLites’s Insured Guaranteed Savings ensures the actual energy and maintenance cost savings will be as projected, thereby assuring the cash flow to fund the LED lighting project. The savings are reviewed on an annual basis, with reimbursements subject to a 10% deductible.

Projected Savings You Can Count On.
EcoLite prepares a detailed, investment grade Savings and Benefits Analysis, based on the LED equivalent lighting specified by your distributor, and the various rates, usages and costs that you agree with - to calculate the projected energy and maintenance cost savings.

Guaranteed Energy and Maintenance Cost Savings.
EcoLite’s ISG covers all unattained projected reductions in both energy consumption and lamp and ballast replacement costs, beyond ten percent (10%) of the operational cost savings projected in the Audit, for any insured year’s annual values. 

Choose Any Term, Always with Annual Reviews.
EcoLite’s Insured Guaranteed Savings is available for any annual period, from 1-10 years and beyond. Every year, a review is available, if labor charges for repairs are incurred or the any fixture’s energy consumption is greater than stipulated in the Savings and Benefits Analysis.

Energy Savings Insures Fixture Wattage Savings.
EcoLite’s Insured Guaranteed Savings ensures each fixture’s wattage energy savings from the LED lighting. It does not insure against any increase in the cost of energy, nor any increase in energy consumption due to a change in usage or hours of usage. 

Your Guaranteed Savings Are Insured.
This savings guarantee is backed by an insurance policy underwritten by a global underwriter. In addition, all LED lighting will have an Insured Product Warranty, to cover the initial expense of any repair or replacement of the LED lighting.